ECOAIRE EA Series (Model EA4000 and Model EA6000)

Ozone is the most powerful sterilant in the world commercially available to kill bacteria, virus, odors and mold spores.. It consists of 3 atoms of oxygen. When it comes into contact with odors, bacteria or viruses, the extra atom of oxygen destroys them by oxidation. In so doing, that extra atom of oxygen is destroyed and there is nothing left …no odor…no bacteria …no extra atom, only oxygen.


Our ECOAIRE EA4000 & EA6000 ozone generators produce ozone by corona discharge technology. It is used to treat dry ambient air, which is fouled with odorants and contaminants, by the ozone’s action of rupturing the molecular cell walls of the offending organisms. The result is odor-free air and improved hygiene in the surroundings as well as on the surfaces.

Our ECOAIRE EA4000 & EA6000 ozone generators can be safely used at low levels for air purification to make the air smell fresh. Low levels of ozone can also help kill airborne bacteria, deodorize and purify the air. It can also be used at very high levels, in unoccupied rooms, to help sanitize them of mold, bacteria, virus and serious odors. The idea of this so-called shock treatment is to kill the bacteria and mold, not just covering up its odor.

These products are Made-in-Singapore by Hisland Technologies Pte Ltd which has more than 10 years of ozone engineering expertise.

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